Please be aware that many of the older links given below will no longer work, this is because of changes made by the company where they are stored. Please use this link to go to a page where you can download all our songs. If you are shown a form to sign up to Dropbox, it is not necessary to do this. The more recent links below will still work.
At each jam we’ll play all our latest songs plus a random selection of earlier songs and songs from the Favourites Songbook. Please try to bring them all with you.
To download all our numbered songsheets as a single zip file use this link. Click on the Download box near the upper-right corner of the page and then select "Direct download" (it used to be "Download as .zip", but it has changed). You will also be able to download individual songsheets from this page.
Some of the songs below have a YouTube link — sometimes the words you hear may be slightly different to our songsheets.
To download a songsheet file, left-click or right-click the corresponding link. If you left-click one of the links, you’ll be asked whether you want to open the file or download it. If you right-click one of the links, you can select Save Target As... (or Save Link As... depending on your browser) to download the file. Do it either way!
Download links summary:
songsheets 1-167 index.pdf
Favourites Songbook 1.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 190.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 189.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 188.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 187.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 186.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 185.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 183-184.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 181-182.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 179-180.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 177-178.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 175-176.pdf
LUJ Songsheet 174.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 172-173.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 170-171.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 168-169.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 166-167.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 164-165.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 161-163.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 159-160.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 157-158.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 155-156.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 153-154.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 151-152.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 149-150.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 147-148.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 145-146.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 143-144.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 141-142.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 138-140.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 136-137.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 134-135.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 132-133.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 130-131.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 128-129.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 126-127.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 124-125.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 122-123, 54.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 120-121.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 118-119.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 116-117.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 114-115.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 112-113.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 110-111.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 108-109.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 106-107.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 104-105.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 102-103.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 100-101.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 98-99.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 96-97.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 93-95.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 90-92.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 87-89.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 84-86.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 81-83.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 78-80.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 75-77.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 72-74.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 66-71.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 62-65.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 58-61.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 54-57.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 50-53.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 46-49.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 42-45.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 42 & 43 timing.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 38-41.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 34-37.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 31-33.pdf
LUJ Songsheets 01-30.pdf

Christmas Songs can be found on this page.
An index for songs 1-167: songsheets 1-167 index.pdf
Our Favourites Songbook Favourites Songbook 1.pdf
Song 190 LUJ Songsheets 190.pdf
190. A Little Bitty Tear YouTube
Song 189 LUJ Songsheets 189.pdf
189. Boredom Prison Blues
Song 188 LUJ Songsheets 188.pdf
188. Congratulations YouTube
Song 187 LUJ Songsheets 187.pdf
187. Abracadabra YouTube
Song 185 LUJ Songsheets 185.pdf
185. Let’s Jam Again
Songs 183-184 LUJ Songsheets 183-184.pdf
183. I Guess It Doesn’t Matter Anymore YouTube
184. No Particular Place To Go YouTube
Songs 181-182 LUJ Songsheets 181-182.pdf
181. Shotgun YouTube
182. The Carnival is Over YouTube
Songs 179-180 LUJ Songsheets 179-180.pdf
179. I Can See Clearly Now YouTube
180. Oh Boy! YouTube
Songs 177-178 LUJ Songsheets 177-178.pdf
177 rev 1. Day Trip To Bognor YouTube
178. Wand’rin’ Star YouTube
Songs 175-176 LUJ Songsheets 175-176.pdf
175 rev 1. Sarah, Sitting in a Shoe Shine Shop YouTube
176. Messing About On The River YouTube
Song 174 LUJ Songsheet 174.pdf
174. Maxwell’s Silver Hammer YouTube
Songs 172-173 LUJ Songsheets 172-173.pdf
172. You Are My Sunshine
173. With My Little Ukulele In My Hand YouTube
161 rev1. The Adventures of Robin Hood
Songs 170-171 LUJ Songsheets 170-171.pdf
170. Alexander’s Ragtime Band
171. Blueberry Hill YouTube
Songs 168-169 LUJ Songsheets 168-169.pdf
168. Shame And Scandal In The Family
169. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Songs 166-167 LUJ Songsheets 166-167.pdf
166. Big Rock Candy Mountain YouTube
167. Under The Moon Of Love YouTube
Songs 164-165 LUJ Songsheets 164-165.pdf
164. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
165. It Might As Well Rain Until September
Songs 161-163 LUJ Songsheets 161-163.pdf
161 rev 1. The Adventures of Robin Hood (Theme Song) YouTube
162. Frankie and Johnny
163. Doctor Jazz mp3 download
Songs 159-160 LUJ Songsheets 159-160.pdf
159. Smile YouTube
160. Teenage Kicks YouTube
Songs 157-158 LUJ Songsheets 157-158.pdf
157. Blame It On The Ukulele
158. The Last Time
Songs 155-156 LUJ Songsheets 155-156.pdf
155. I Only Want To Be With You
156. Act Naturally
Songs 153-154 LUJ Songsheets 153-154.pdf
153. Save The Last Dance For Me
154. Let’s Twist Again
Songs 151-152 LUJ Songsheets 151-152.pdf
151. Ray Charles Medley
152. Should I Stay or Should I Go
Songs 149-150 LUJ Songsheets 149-150.pdf
149. Mamma Mia
150. Psycho Killer
Songs 147-148 LUJ Songsheets 147-148.pdf
147. Pistol Packin’ Mama YouTube
148. As Tears Go By
Songs 145-146 LUJ Songsheets 145-146.pdf
145. Hello Dolly
146. Blanket On The Ground
Songs 143-144 LUJ Songsheets 143-144.pdf
143. Oom Pah Pah – Oliver! YouTube
144. Wooden Heart
Songs 141-142 LUJ Songsheets 141-142.pdf
141. Day-O (The Banana Boat Song) YouTube
142. One Man Band YouTube
Songs 138-140 LUJ Songsheets 138-140.pdf
138. Three Little Birds YouTube
139. Dream Lover YouTube
140. Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Oak Tree YouTube
Songs 136-137 LUJ Songsheets 136-137.pdf
136. Whiskey On A Sunday / The Ballad of Seth Davy YouTube
137. Hey Baby (DJ Otzi version) YouTube
Songs 134-135 LUJ Songsheets 134-135.pdf
134. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
135. Octopus’s Garden
Songs 132-133 LUJ Songsheets 132-133.pdf
132. Tiptoe Through The Tulips
133. Leaning On A Lamp-Post
Songs 130-131 LUJ Songsheets 130-131.pdf
130. Brand New Combine Harvester YouTube
131. Only Sixteen YouTube
Songs 128-129 LUJ Songsheets 128-129.pdf
128. Wagon Wheel YouTube
129. Singing The Blues YouTube
Songs 126-127 LUJ Songsheets 126-127.pdf
126. Chanson D’Amour
127. Summer Holiday
Songs 124-125 LUJ Songsheets 124-125.pdf
124. Cockney Melody
125. Dad’s Army
Songs 122-123 LUJ Songsheets 122-123, 54.pdf
This also includes a revised version (some altered chords) of song 54, Paddy McGinty’s Goat.
122. Bad Moon Rising
123. Rhythm Of The Rain
Songs 120-121 LUJ Songsheets 120-121.pdf
120. Rum and Coca-Cola YouTube
121. This Is My Song YouTube
Songs 118-119 LUJ Songsheets 118-119.pdf
118. Tiger Feet YouTube
119. Pay Me My Money Down YouTube
Songs 116-117 LUJ Songsheets 116-117.pdf
116. Daisy Bell YouTube
There's a recording of our version of Daisy Bell on this page.
117. Have I The Right YouTube
Songs 114-115 LUJ Songsheets 114-115.pdf
114. Puff The Magic Dragon YouTube
115. Runaway YouTube
Songs 112-113 LUJ Songsheets 112-113.pdf
112. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You YouTube
113. Fireball XL5 Theme YouTube
Songs 110-111 LUJ Songsheets 110-111.pdf
110. Que Sera Sera YouTube
111. Singing In The Rain YouTube
Songs 108-109 LUJ Songsheets 108-109.pdf
108. Enjoy Yourself YouTube
109. I Walk The Line YouTube
Songs 106-107 LUJ Songsheets 106-107.pdf
106. Tickle My Heart YouTube
107. Fly Me To The Moon YouTube
Songs 104-105 LUJ Songsheets 104-105.pdf
104. Wabash Cannonball YouTube
105. The Whistling Gypsy Rover
        YouTube - The Seekers
        YouTube - The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
Songs 102-103 LUJ Songsheets 102-103.pdf
102. Coz I Luv You YouTube
103. Safety Pin Stuck in my Heart YouTube
Songs 100-101 LUJ Songsheets 100-101.pdf
100. Wartime Medley
101. Mairzy Doats YouTube
Songs 98-99 LUJ Songsheets 98-99.pdf
98. Old Dan Tucker YouTube
99. Oh, I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside YouTube
Songs 96-97 LUJ Songsheets 96-97.pdf
96. Do Re Mi
97. I Have A Dream YouTube
Songs 93-95 LUJ Songsheets 93-95.pdf
93. Sea Cruise YouTube
94. Alberta YouTube
95. Waterloo Sunset YouTube
Songs 90-92 LUJ Songsheets 90-92.pdf
90. Cracklin’ Rosie
91. That’s Entertainment
92. Every Day
Songs 87-89 LUJ Songsheets 87-89.pdf
87. Hello Mary Lou
88. From A Jack To A King
89. I Love To Boogie
Songs 84-86 LUJ Songsheets 84-86.pdf
84. Count On Me YouTube
85. Sam Hall YouTube
86. That’s AmorĂ© YouTube

Here's a version of 'Count On Me' with more conventional layout (in the file above, it's laid out to make it easier for playing) — same words and chords, so use which you prefer:
Count On Me.pdf
Songs 81-83 LUJ Songsheets 81-83.pdf
81. Garden Party YouTube
82. The Wanderer YouTube
83. Venus YouTube
Songs 78-80 LUJ Songsheets 78-80.pdf
78. Dedicated Follower of Fashion YouTube
79. Dancing In The Dark YouTube
80. Stand By Me YouTube
Songs 75-77 LUJ Songsheets 75-77.pdf
75. Rock That Uke YouTube
76. Little Arrows YouTube
77. Catch The Wind YouTube
Songs 72-74 LUJ Songsheets 72-74.pdf
72. Yellow Submarine YouTube
73. Yes Sir, That’s My Baby YouTube
74. I’m A Believer YouTube
Songs 66-71 LUJ Songsheets 66-71.pdf
66. Goodnight Irene YouTube
67. Upside Down YouTube
68. Pub With No Beer YouTube
69. Hot Hot Hot YouTube
70. Jamaica Farewell YouTube
71. Donald Where’s Your Troosers YouTube
Songs 62-65 LUJ Songsheets 62-65.pdf
62. You To Me Are Everything
63. Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)
64. Halfway To Paradise
65. Any Dream Will Do
Songs 58-61 LUJ Songsheets 58-61.pdf
58. King Of The Road
59. Light My Fire
60. Delilah
61. Doo Wah Diddy Diddy
Songs 54-57 LUJ Songsheets 54-57.pdf
54. Paddy McGinty’s Goat YouTube
55. Things YouTube
56. Banks of The Ohio YouTube
57. The Young Ones YouTube
Songs 50-53 LUJ Songsheets 50-53.pdf
50. I Love You Because
51. I’m Into Something Good
52. Cockles and Mussels (Molly Malone)
53. A Picture Of You
Songs 46-49 LUJ Songsheets 46-49.pdf
46. Rhinestone Cowboy YouTube
47. A Little Old Wine Drinker Me YouTube
48. By the Light of the Silvery Moon YouTube
49. The City of New Orleans YouTube
Songs 42-45 LUJ Songsheets 42-45.pdf
42. Living Next Door To Alice YouTube - Smokie
43. I’m Henery the Eighth, I Am YouTube - Herman's Hermits YouTube - Joe Brown Wikipedia
44. Five Years Time YouTube
45. Stand by Your Man YouTube

You may (or may not!) also find this file useful LUJ Songsheets 42 & 43 timing.pdf which gives timing for songs 42 and 43. If you don’t understand what this is all about, please ask me (Keith) at one of our jams and I’ll explain — it’s quite simple!
Songs 38-41 LUJ Songsheets 38-41.pdf
38. El Condor Pasa
39. Feelin’ Groovy (59th Street Bridge Song)
40. Half The World Away
41. I’m The Urban Spaceman
Songs 34-37 LUJ Songsheets 34-37.pdf
34. Achy Breaky Heart
35. I Recall A Gipsy Woman
36. It Must Be Love
37. Ooh La La
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